TAZI AI is a Best-in-class No-code AI model creation and deployment platform for business users. In collaboration with the CEO, CTO, Advisory board and Marketing we helped develop the strategies for going to market in the US and bolstering increased market share in Europe. Additionally we created a cutting edge UI/UX Design system for their model creation platform. This served as the foundation for what would become an entire customer experience strategy.
Webflow Development
UI/UX Design

Branded Presentation Template

We developed a series of Presentation Templates that help the Tazi leadership and sales team pitch their products and services in a cohesive way.

Tazi Website

The Tazi website is built completely using WebFlow with a small amount of customizations and integrations.

The Challenge

The preexisting website with built on WordPress and the Tazi team had limited control over it's content, design and SEO. Per some poor configurations on the site Google Search was penalizing the site and limiting traffic.

The Solution

Quickly and easily stand up a WebFlow CMS powered site as a content engine. The new site on WebFlow empowers the entire Tazi team to contribute and we can make changes in near realtime. Greatly improved SEO strategies and optimization greatly improved the sites Google Search results traffic performance. We saw as much as a ~14,000% increase in search traffic in the first 30 days after launching the new site.

Information Architecture

The object was to create quick access routes to help with lead generation. Almost every component and page has a CTA that leads users to scheduling a call with the appropriate Sales person.

“Thanks to UI Motion by 3 Elements Design, Inc., the our platform's UI was improved, which was more aesthetic and user-friendly. The team had an effective workflow throughout, and their creativity impressed us.”
Zehra Cataltepe, CEO